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ArticleTitle Surveillance of CTX-M type ESBL-producing Escherichia coli isolated from intermediate and small medical facilities in Kanagawa prefecture
Language J
AuthorList Moe Yokemura1), Yuya Hasunuma1,2), Takashi Ishimatsu3), Takuya Tsunoda4), Yoshikazu Tokuoka1,2)
Affiliation 1) Department of Medical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Toin University of Yokohama
2) Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medical Engineering, Toin University of Yokohama
3) Infection Analysis Center, Health Sciences Research Institute, Inc.
4) Inspection headquarters, Health Sciences Research Institute, Inc.
Publication J.J.C.M.: 29 (1), 21-27, 2018
Received February 7, 2018
Accepted June 29, 2018
Abstract Dissemination of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli is of global concern. CTX-M type ESBL harbored in Enterobacteriaceae is the most common enzyme that hydrolyzes broad-spectrum cephalosporins. The regional relationship among medical facilities needs to be elucidated to control the dissemination of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. In this study, we collected 207 isolates of ESBL-producing E. coli from hospitals with less than 300-beds in Kanagawa prefecture, and examined their antimicrobial susceptibility and molecular epidemiology. All strains were found susceptible to imipenem, but 93% of the strains were resistant to ciprofloxacin. The antimicrobial susceptibility of the strains was found to differ from region to region and the rete of resistance to cefmetazole, cefepime, and ceftazidime in isolates from Sagamihara region was less than that in all other regions. Furthermore, the genotype of CTX-M-27 type ESBL was the most prevalent, and CTX-M-15, -55, and -27 types of ESBL that induce ceftazidime resistance were detected in 61% of the isolates. In conclusion, our study provides epidemiological data regarding ESBL-producing E. coli to surrounding medical facilities and contributes to their regional surveillance in Kanagawa prefecture.
Keywords ESBL, Escherichia coli
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