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ArticleTitle A Case of Surgical Site Infection by Mycobacterium mageritense after Gastrectomy
Language J
AuthorList Shota Yonetani1), Yuko Kazumi2), Koji Araki1), Megumi Hiroi1), Takahiro Okuyama1), Yoko Ida1), Hiroshi Makino1), Yasushi Takagi1), Miho Ofuji1), Hiroaki Ohnishi3), Takashi Watanabe1,3)
Affiliation 1) Clinical Laboratory, Kyorin University Hospital
2) Department of Mycobacterium Reference and Research, the Research Institute of Tuberculosis
3) Department of Laboratory Medicine, Kyorin University School of Medicine
Publication J.J.C.M.: 23 (2), 112-116, 2013
Received April 3, 2013
Accepted May 1, 2013
Abstract A 66-year-old male was suspected of postoperative wound infection following gastrectomy. Drainage of ascites was repeatedly performed in combination with short-term antibiotic therapy, and his infection was gradually improved. Growth of microcolonies was observed after 48-hour incubation of specimens from ascites and the wound pus. Gram stain of the colonies revealed ambiguously stained rods which turned out to be positive for Ziehl-Neelsen stain, indicating that this microorganism was rapidly growing mycobacteria (RGM). Since DNA-DNA hybridization of the mycobacterial genome did not provide definite identification result, nucleotide sequence analyses of 16SrRNA, rpoB, and hsp65 genes were carried out, and the RGM was finally identified as Mycobacterium mageritense. Antibiotic susceptibility tests of the RGM showed high MIC for rifampicin, ethambutol and clarithromycin, and low MIC for fluoroquinolone and linezolid. While infections by M. mageritense are not frequently encountered, it should be kept in mind as a causative agent of surgical site infection. Since most strains of M. mageritense show resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs or macrolides, accurate identification using genetic analyses and susceptibility testing are required for appropriate control of infection by this RGM.
Keywords Mycobacterium mageritense
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