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Vol.32 No.6 contents

Expanding World of Infection Control: From the Medical Site for Humans to One Health
Hiroyuki KAYABA
32 (6): 317-321, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (703K)]

Present Status and Control Measures of Antimicrobial-resistant Bacteria Originated from Food-animals in Japan
32 (6): 322-329, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (522K)]

Disinfectants: Practices and Background Knowledge
32 (6): 330-336, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (433K)]

Skin Infections Complicated with Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Foot
Tomomitsu MIYAGAKI
32 (6): 337-343, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (2065K)]

Enterovirus Infection in Children
Mitsuaki Hosoya
32 (6): 344-354, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (950K)]

Healing Process of a Skin Wound in Rat Using Deep UV Treatment
Kazuo KAWASAKI, Toshikatsu FUNAYAMA and Koichi YAMAMOTO
32 (6): 355-363, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (1680K)]

Occurrence of Clostridium difficile Infection in our Hospital and its Control Measures
Kunihiko FUKUCHI, Etsuko AKIMA, Kaori NAKANE, Kazuhisa UGAJIN, Sachiko TAHARA and Yoshihito NIKI
32 (6): 364-368, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (458K)]

Impact of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Introduced by Pharmacist
Yasuhiro SASAKI, Ayumi KANAMARU, Akiko YAMAKUCHI and Masataka YANO
32 (6): 369-373, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (300K)]


32 (6): 374-374, 2017
[Abstract] [full text PDF (48K)]

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