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Vol.36 No.5 contents

Operating Airborne Precautions in Clinical Context: From the View Point of Behavioral Science
Yosuke AOKI
36 (5): 235-241, 2021
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Current Status of and Requests for Personal Protective Equipment for Newly Emerging Infectious Diseases-Results of a Survey of Healthcare Personnel-
Yukiko UCHIDA, Michiko MORIMOTO, Ayano DEMPOYA, Fuminori TANABE and Soichi ARAKAWA
36 (5): 242-252, 2021
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Financial Burden Caused by an Outbreak of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in a Growing Care Unit
Michiko CHIGA, Karina SATO and Sakae TAKANO
36 (5): 253-256, 2021
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Effect of Antimicrobial Stewardship on Reduced Oral Antibiotic Use and Bacterial Resistance at an Outpatient Department in a Medium-Sized Hospital-Achievement of the Target Values of the National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance in Japan-
Yasuo KURATA, Hisashi HORIUCHI and Kyoko ONOZAWA
36 (5): 257-263, 2021
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Measles Outbreak Coinciding with a Seasonal Flu Pandemic: Clinical Pearls from Experience
Yukiko OUE and Gen KANO
36 (5): 264-269, 2021
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Annual Report of JHAIS SSI Surveillance (No.22)
Akihiro SAWA, Keita MORIKANE, Yasushi HARIHARA, Shinji AKAGI and Junzo SHIMIZU
36 (5): 270-283, 2021
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