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Difficulties Experienced in Implementing Counteractive Measures Against Infection During Influenza Outbreak in a Closed Ward for Chronic Psychiatric Patients

Asakayama General Hospital

Few studies have focused on the difficulties in implementing counteractive measures against infection during an epidemic outbreak in psychiatric wards. Thus, it is not clearly known how such outbreaks should be handled. Recently, our hospital experienced an influenza B outbreak in a closed ward for chronic psychiatric patients, and faced difficulties in implementing counteractive measures. We had difficulty controlling the infection because common counteractive measures that are used in general wards, such as isolation of affected patients, could not be used. Moreover, use of a rapid test and preventative administration of anti-influenza drug were rejected. Many difficulties with the control of infection arise if influenza is brought into the department of psychiatry. We believe that the nature of difficulties varies depending on the type of patients hospitalized in the ward. It is essential to develop feasible plans for counteractive measures against infection that are suitable for the peculiar circumstances in psychiatric wards.

Key words:chronic psychiatric ward, influenza, outbreak, infection control, difficulties


Received: July 28, 2018
Accepted: October 17, 2018

34 (1):67─72,2019

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