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Microbial Evaluation of High-grade Ethanol from Sake Breweries

Shigeharu OIE1) and Kyoko SHIKICHI2)
1)Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sanyo-Onoda City University, 2)Clinical Laboratory, Yamaguchi University Hospital

Of nine samples from high-grade ethanol products sold by sake breweries, seven (77.8%) were contaminated with 5-44 colony forming units (cfu) of bacteria per 100 mL. The most common bacteria detected were Bacillus species and Paenibacillus species. No microbial contamination was observed in two samples (22.2%) from high-grade ethanol products nor in all three (100%) hospital-grade disinfectants (76.9-81.4 vol% ethanol). We conclude that although high-grade ethanol produced by sake breweries poses no problem as a hand sanitizer, it is unadvisable to use it for other purposes such as for sanitizing vials and infusion apparatus.

Key words:alcohol, ethanol, microbial contamination, spore


Received: September 1, 2020
Accepted: October 12, 2020

36 (1):72─74,2021

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