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Pharmacokinetics of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Based on Maturation in Children

Yasuhiro TSUJI
Center for Pharmacist Education, School of Pharmacy, Nihon University

Numerically, the most significant difference between children and adults is body weight. Humans are not born with complete physiological functions, and our body functions mature with growth. Assuming adult renal function to be 100%, glomerular filtration rate only reaches approximately 25%-40% of adult function at birth. Renal function reaches approximately 90% of adult function in the first year after birth and is comparable to adult function in the second year after birth. This review will discuss energy metabolism of living organisms, maturation from children to adults, pharmacokinetics in children, and describes antimicrobial chemotherapy in children.

Key words:pharmacokinetics, maturation, size, children, anti-microbial chemotherapy


Received: September 30, 2020
Accepted: November 24, 2020

36 (2):77─82,2021

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