The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.16 No.1

(Mar. 25, 2000)

The problems of neuroradiological diagnosis in neuropsychology---2
Koichi Tagawa*

Special Lecture
Frontotemporal Dementia, Pick's Disease and Pick Complex---13
Andrew Kertesz*

Original Article
Releasing phenomena of well learned praxes observed in the right hand following occlusion of the right anterior and middle cerebral arteries---25
Kenji Ishihara*/**, Mitsuru Kawamura*, Toshiyuki Maki**

Original Article
The relationship between attention and ear advantage in dichotic monitoring test---32
Yuko Tagami*, Yoshitaka Ohigashi*

Original Article
A case of disturbance of visual perception regarding object orientation -Examination of the symptoms and cognitive rehabilitation----39
Hajime Hirabayashi*, Koichiro Inaki*, Jun Nakamura**, Junko Hirabayashi**, Makoto Izawa***

Original Article
A change from aphemia to Broca's aphasia after two separate infarctions in the territory of the left middle cerebral artery---49
Toshiko Nakajima*, Yoshisuke Saku**, Kenji Fukuda**

Original Article
Size dependent visuo-cognitive disorder: a case study---56
Eriko Matsumoto*/**, Yoshitaka Ohigashi*, Tokiji Hanihara**, Misato Fujimori**, Etsuro Mori**

Original Article
Word superiority effect in Kanji-Kana combined words.---66
Shogo Makioka*

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