The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.18 No.3

(Sep. 25, 2002)

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Emotion and memory -Four studies of the emotional memory in Alzheimer's disease----150
Hiroaki Kazui1), 2)

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Behavioural assessment of memory problems: Practical application of the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test (the Japanese version of the RBMT)---157
Toshiko Watamori

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Cognitive rehabilitation for selective semantic memory impairments---163
Motoichiro Kato, Fumihiro Yishino, Fumie Saito

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The forefront of researches on cognitive function in Parkinson's disease: cognitive impacts on fronto-basal-ganglia system from a stereotaxic viewpoint---171
Tetsuhiro Maruyama

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Unilateral spatial neglect: recent approaches to mechanism and remediation---182
Sumio Ishiai

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Neuropsychological Test using Personal Computer---188
Shotai Kobayashi

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Diagnosis of dementia using automated brain extraction, volumetry and 3D reconstruction---194
Hajime Kitagaki

Original Article
Effects of space and frame on line bisection performance of patients with unilateral spatial neglect---200
Naomi Nakano1) , Sumio Ishiai1) , Yasumasa Koyama1) , Keiko Seki2) , Hajime Hirabayashi3) , Koichiro Inaki3)

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