The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.18 No.4

(Dec. 25, 2002)

Original Article
Long-term prognosis of unilateral spatial neglect and Mini-Mental State examination score---212
Akiko Morita1), and Sumio Ishiai2)

Original Article
A Rorschach test research in Alzheimer type dementia---219
Namiko Nihashi, Kenji Kosaka

Original Article
A Study on the mechanism of auditory extinction -Dichotic listening test and dichotic discrimination test----230
Chie Yoshikawa1), Tsuneo Harashima2), and Akiyoshi Katada3)

Original Article
Episodic memory in subject-performed tasks in Alzheimer's disease patients---239
Kouhei Masumoto1), Tsuneo Takai2)

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