The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.23 No.1

(Mar. 25, 2007)

About issues in present and the future on neuropsychological measurement and evaluation---2
Takeshi Hatta

Special Lecture
A gateway between mental life and the external world: Role of the rostral prefrontal cortex (area 10)---8
Paul W. Burgess1), Sam J. Gilbert1), Iroise Dumontheil1)2)

Measurement of the brain activity---27
Atsushi Yamadori, MD, PhD1), Ken Goryo2)

Brain plasticity and development of cognitive function from the viewpoint of developmental neuropsychology; Aphasia, Alexia, Agraphia, and Unilateral Spatial Neglect (USN) in a child---29
Akira Uno1), Masato Kaneko2), Noriko Haruhara3), Masayuki Sasaki4), Makiko Kaga5)

Higher brain functions evaluated by event-related potentials---37
Hirokazu Bokura

Transcranial magnetic stimulation for investigating higher-order brain functions in humans---44
Kenji Kansaku

Original Article
The development of a new behavioral evaluation list (Daily Behavioral Evaluation List; DBEL) for amnesic patients---49
Masayuki Shirakawa1), Kouhei Masumoto2), Youji Tomoda3), Takeshi Higashiyama4), Kazumasa Yokoyama5)

Original Article
Effect of motion imagery for recovery of diagonistic dyspraxia in a patient with callosal injury---58
Aya Sugiyama1), Masaru Mimura2)

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