The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.29 No.1

(Mar. 25, 2013)

To be not to be that is the question: the case for neuropsychology---3
Katsuhiko Takeda

Empathy as the origin of understanding---14
Yutaka Sayeki

Historical transition of the recognition of human body, especially on the function of brain---22
Tatsuo Sakai

Philosophical problems in neuropsychology---35
Hidetaka Yakura

Comments on phenomenology from a neuropsychological viewpoint---44
Takashi Nishikawa

The Hand and the Brain---54
Toshio Fukutake

The human hand---56
Nagatsugu Kuroshima

The hand as a link between motor control and cognitive function---61
Akira Murata1), Kazutaka Maeda2)

Original Article
Addition of the cued recall and recognition tasks to Mini Mental State Examination: Floor effect in Alzheimer's disease with moderate cognitive impairment---71
Chihiro Suzuki1), Tomoko Honda2), Takuya Sato3), Toru Imamura1)4)

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