The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.30 No.3

(Sep. 25, 2014)

On the origin of occasional utterances in global aphasia---176
Minoru Matsuda

Reasons for the dissociation of performances between in daily life and on examinations---185
Yoshitsugu Nakagawa

Why some patients remember many everyday events but fail to recall most of the words in the list: Dissociation between the scores of everyday-memory task and recent memory test in dementia---195
Toru Imamura

The evaluation of cortical visual impairments by observing changes in the patients' performance---204
Shinichi Koyama

Variability of speech production in apraxia of speech---217
Mariko Yoshino

Original Article
Related and unrelated false recalls in a word recall task in patients with Alzheimer's disease: relationship to the performance on the Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB)---224
Haruka Matsukawa1)4), Chisato Uchiyama2), Takuya Sato2), Toru Imamura1)3)

Original Article
The effect of punishment on decision making in Parkinson's disease---233
Mutsutaka Kobayakawa1)~3), Natsuko Tsuruya4), Mitsuru Kawamura3)

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