The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.32 No.2

(Jun. 25, 2016)

Neuropsychology of language---104
Mika Otsuki

How children construct the lexicon: The process of embodiment and semantic reorganization---120
Mutsumi Imai

Chairperson's comments---131
Minoru Matsuda1) and Mika Otsuki2)

The mechanism of language learned from collapsed words---134
Hideko Mizuta

Syntactic comprehension deficits in aphasia: A consideration of mechanisms of language processing---144
Ikuyo Fujita

Cognitive attitude, linguistic structure, and strategy for treating aphasia in Japanese: Influence of real (res) / virtual (virtus) dualism---155
Tomoyuki Kojima1)2)

Semantics of words and constructions: Parole emerging in front of us---165
Hideharu Furumoto

A part of speech that links words to a sentence. Some topics about the verbal production of "joshi" in Japanese---175
Minoru Matsuda

Possible contribution of sensory information in realizing voluntary movements---181
Yoshitsugu Nakagawa

Original Article
The annual rate of change on the Mini-mental State Examination (MMSE) and the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) in dementia with Lewy bodies: An analysis of the rates for the first and the second year---194
Tomoyo Matsui1), Azusa Kato1)2), Takuya Sato3) and Toru Imamura1)2)4)

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