The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.33 No.1

(Mar. 25, 2017)

Clinical Neuropsychology---3
Manabu Ikeda

Special Lecture 1
Social Cognition in Frontotemporal Dementia Proceedings: Special Lecture Neuropsychology Association of Japan 40th Annual Meeting---9
Kumfor F1)2)3), Hodges J R2)3)4)

Neuropsychology and hodology: neural network of language and spatial attention---25
Sumio Ishiai

Original Article
Impairment of abstract attitude in a patient with subcortical hemorrhage in the posterior-inferior area of the left temporal lobe---35
Hiroyuki Watanabe1), Kazumi Hirayama2), Hitomi Furuki1), Yoshie Kaibai3), Satoshi Hamada4), Hiroyoshi Hara5), Ryoko Yamao6), Toru Imamura7)

Original Article
Annual rate of change in behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in Alzheimer's disease---44
Yumi Imamura1), Azusa Kato1)2), Takuya Sato3), Toru Imamura1)2)4)

Original Article
What aspects of object knowledge are better preserved in semantic dementia?: Evidence from the cross-modal matching task---56
Ayumi Morita, Yoshiyuki Nishio, Yukihiro Gomi, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Wataru Narita, Osamu Iizuka, Etsuko Mori

Original Article
A new scoring system for the Similarity Task of the Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB) to assess the severity of impairment in conceptualization: development and validity study---64
Yumi Hori1), Nao Ueda1), Saki Kanazawa2), Azusa Kato1), Takuya Sato3), Toru Imamura1)4)

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