The Japanese journal of neuropsychology

Vol.35 No.3

(Sep. 25, 2019)

Preface: Aspects of somatosensory cognitive impairment---122
Kazumi Hirayama

Somatosensory deficits caused by lesions in the posterior insular-opercular cortex: focus on pain and temperature sensation---124
Keisuke Hanada

Pure amorphognosia without tactile agnosia---134
Mai Yamada

Associative tactile agnosia---142
Koji Yamada

Multimodal agnosia---149
Yukihiro Gomi

Kazutaka Sakamoto1)2) and Kazumi Hirayama2)

Original Article
Phonemic paraphasia and word finding difficulty appears in a patient with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB): a comparative analysis to logopenic variant of primary progressive aphasia (LPA)---161
Azusa Kato1)~3) and Toru Imamura1)2)

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