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ArticleTitle A case of disturbance of visual perception regarding object orientation -Examination of the symptoms and cognitive rehabilitation-
Language J
AuthorList Hajime Hirabayashi*, Koichiro Inaki*, Jun Nakamura**, Junko Hirabayashi**, Makoto Izawa***
Affiliation *Department of Clinical Psychology, Kakeyu Hospital Rehabilitation Center. 1308 nishiuchi, maruko-machi, chiisagata-gun, nagano 386-0322, Japan
**Department of Speech Therapy, Kakeyu Hospital Rehabilitation Center
***Department of Neurology, Kakeyu Hospital Rehabilitation Center
Publication Japanese Journal of Neuropsychology: 16 (1), 39-48, 2000
Received Oct 14, 1999
Accepted Nov 19, 1999
Abstract This study reports a case of disturbance of visual perception of object orientation, which caused a variety of problems in daily living. A number of experimental examinations revealed that the patient was able to perceive the morphology of an object, but was unable to perceive its orientation, and also showed disturbance of mental rotation. Moreover, the patient had difficulty in mirror-image discrimination of object drawings, as well as in discrimination between canonical upright and inverted images in object drawings. Disturbance of discrimination between upright and inverted images was noted both on objects and words 2 or 3 months after the onset, but the ability to discriminate words recovered to almost the normal level within the subsequent one month. We discuss this patient's symptoms from the point of view of an object-centred coordinate frame vs. a viewer-centred coordinate frame in visual perception of orientation, and we also touch on methods of cognitive rehabilitation.
Keywords object orientation, visual perception, reference frame, cognitive rehabilitation

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